History of Black Hills Gold Jewelry

Many people believe that black hills gold jewelry is a particular type of gold, but it is a design of fine jewelry made in the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA. Though the jewelry was traditionally made from the gold mined in South Dakota, lately the gold is sourced elsewhere. The design of the jewelry traditionally styles grape leaves, grape vines and grape clusters in a tri color motif of yellow, rose and green gold. The green color is made by adding silver alloys to yellow gold and the rose color by adding copper alloys to yellow gold. The history of this unique jewelry dates to mid Eighteen Hundreds.

Native Indian tribes lived in Black Hills region for many centuries. They believed that the region was the center for the entire world and thus treated it as a sacred place. In the late Eighteen Sixties, Gold was found in this region which attracted white settlement. Deadwood city became the mining town for gold.

Legend of Black Hills Gold Jewelry

According to the legend, a French goldsmith named Henri Le Beau became lost during the "gold rush days" of the middle 1870 in the Black Hills of the South Dakota and fell asleep believing he was dying of the thirst and starvation. During a dream, he saw a mountain stream with grapevines growing on its banks.Upon awakening, he walked over a rise and found the stream and grapevines just as he had in his dream and, out of gratitude, dedicates his life and talents to creating jewelry reflects much of its original design - with a wide range of new variations. Today a series of 40 different steps are necessary to capture the same dramatic details in our traditional and contemporary designs. We offer best deal on Black Hills Gold Rings, Black Hill Gold Bracelet, Black Hills Gold Earrings, Black Hills Gold Necklace, Black Hill Gold Watch, Black Hills Gold Engagement Rings, Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings.